Cashew fruit is cucumber a fruit

cashew fruit is cucumber a fruit

The cashew apple, also called cashew fruit, is the fleshy part of the cashew fruit attached to the cashew nut. The top end of the. A rough-skinned, cucumber-like fruit, also called bitter melon—is probably one The green fruit is used to treat warts and flu, and cashew fruit. And yet, cashew apples have a vibrant history with a bright taste to match. Shortly thereafter, the fruit spread to India by way of Portuguese explorers. . Fruits: Malay apple, java apple, carambola, cucumber, Asian pear. cashew fruit is cucumber a fruit


Fruits It seems like it's only made of water, even worse than cucumber. I tried to eat some of it. It tastes like mango, cucumber (speaking of the devil), citrus fruit. This is a simplified classification of major fruit types that follows most general botany textbooks E.g. watermelon, cucumber, squash, cantelope and pumpkin. .. nut) is produced at the summit of a fleshy receptacle called the "cashew apple. Classification Some of the common vegetables and fruits can be classified as cashew apple, cherry Fig, guava, jackfruit, melon Cucumber, grape, grape fruits.

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