Fruit vs vegetable healthy fruits and vegetables list

fruit vs vegetable healthy fruits and vegetables list

So telling parents that fruits are basically as good as vegetables helps them relax For my fruit vs. veggies comparison, I started by asking loyal Among my list above, I pulled up the top 5 fruits and the top 5 veggies for each. Adding some of the top 10 healthiest fruits and vegetables to your diet could help The group includes kale in its "dirty dozen" list, which names 12 vegetables. Fruits vs Vegetables: It should come as no surprise that very few people eat enough vegetables. Vegetables offer significantly different nutritional value than fruit – Here are just a few There's an ongoing debate about the health benefits of drinking milk. Apricots are a better source of fibre than any vegetable out there.


Should We Avoid Frozen Fruits & Vegetables? Dr Michael Greger

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