Is rhubarb a fruit healthy fruit compote

is rhubarb a fruit healthy fruit compote

Rhubarb Berry Compote is one of my favourite ways to use rhubarb with just rhubarb or add any other kind of fruit you think would work well. This LOW FAT FRUIT COMPOTE recipe includes rhubarb, strawberries and an apple and orange, add any dried or fresh fruits to make a delectable fruit sauce. Because it's very tart, rhubarb is always cooked with sugar (or other sweetener). Stir ginger juice into rhubarb mixture. Let sauce cool completely before serving over ice cream, yogurt, or pound cake, or using to make parfaits.

Is rhubarb a fruit healthy fruit compote - ncaaf what

Rhubarb is a good source of beta-carotene and other polyphenolic compounds like lutein and zeaxanthin which act in a similar way to vitamin Aprotecting the skin and eyes from the effects of free radicals. If that sounds boring, I can assure you it is not, as the compote is a springboard to many delightful desserts. Peel and slice beets into halves and add to juice. How would you rate this recipe? Retrieved December 30, These were unsuccessful in producing rhubarb root with the necessary medicinal qualities, but the variety then grown in Russia became the ancestor of the common modern rhubarb. is rhubarb a fruit healthy fruit compote Rhubarb is most commonly treated like a sour "fruit" and sweetened in dishes like this compote as well as pies, but it is, in fact, the leafstalks of. Vanilla and cinnamon add subtle flavor to this quick rhubarb compote. Serve warm or cold, wrapped in crepes or over ice cream. Rhubarb compote must be the quickest and simplest way to cook this strangely fruit-like vegetable that there is. In this easy recipe all you need.

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